Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How to insert a Slide Show

Hello All,

I've had some questions about how to post pictures and make slide shows. So I thought I'd do a quick tutorial for anyone interested.

First, you can get a free Flickr account at I use this site to upload all my pictures that I want to share. Once your pictures are uploaded, you will need to organize them into a "set". Each set you create will have a unique number assigned to it. When you click on the set, in the address bar you will be able to see the number at the end of the address. Here is an example:

Here the unique # is 72157594438469531

Once you have this #, you can head on over to the "flickr slide show generator", which is found on this site:

There are 4 different options to insert information, however, for today we are only interested in the "set id" option. So in that field I enter the #72157594438469531. Once I have done this, I can hit the "Generate" button. Now you should be able to see a preview of the slide show you want to post in the blog. Also, you'll now notice that below the Generate button is HTML code that has been generated from the # you entered.

Now, the rest is easy...Just copy the HTML code you just generated and log into our Blogger site and start a new blog. You'll notice at the top of the box where you type in your text, there are two tabs. ("Edit Html" & "Compose") You need to make sure you are in the "Edit Html" tab before you paste the copied HTML code into the blog. You may want to do all your writing in the "Compose" tab, then switch over to the "Edit Html" tab to insert your slide show. That way you have more control over your font and text size. Once you paste in the HTML code, the system doesn't like you to switch back the "Compose" tab and usually kicks you all the way out.

So now, after these few steps, you should be able to share a slide show of any pictures you'd like. Here is what my example shows:


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